We typically provide a range of sports facilities to cater to the physical development and recreational needs of students. These facilities commonly include:

Basketball Court: : An outdoor or indoor court equipped for basketball games and practices.

Football Field : A large open field for outdoor football (soccer) matches and training sessions.

Cricket Pitch : A designated area with proper markings and equipment for cricket matches and practice sessions.

Throwball Court : A court with appropriate markings for playing throwball, a popular team sport similar to volleyball.

Hurdles Track : A track with hurdles set up for training and practicing hurdling techniques, typically part of a larger track and field facility.

Badminton : Indoor courts equipped for matches and practice sessions. These courts include proper markings and nets, fostering physical fitness and hand-eye coordination among students through recreational play and intra-school competitions.

EYFS - Lower Primary: Nursery to Year 3

  • Focus on the ABC of movement (agility, balance and coordination)
  • Developing physical literacy

Upper Primary: Years 4 - 6

  • Developing a broader range of skills
  • Teaching students how to apply, transfer and link these skills together
  • Learning how to work both collaboratively and competitively with each other
  • Inter form and inter house competitions and outdoor and adventurous activities during trips
  • Example sports: athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, football, gymnastics, hockey & tennis

Key Stage 3: Years 7 - 9

  • Build on and embed the physical development and skills learned in Key Stage 2
  • Learning to use a range of tactics and strategies
  • Developing leadership and coaching skills
  • Example sports: athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, football, fitness, gymnastics, tennis and volleyball

Key Stages 4 and 5: Years 10 - 13 Pathways option

  • Pathways option to allow the students some ownership and choice in the area of study they would like to pursue in PE.
  • Individual performer: Badminton, table tennis, athletics, fitness & trampolining
  • Team performer: Football, basketball, volleyball & cricket/rounders
  • Artistic performer: Dance,  trampolining, fitness, martial arts, aerobics

After school sports

  • Football. 
  • Cricket .
  • Volleyball.
  • Badminton