Annual Report 2020 - 2021


CBSE affiliation : We are very happy to inform that we have received CBSE affiliation till Secondary School(affiliation number 1931232)

The academic year began in an Online Mode through Zoom App where teaching-learning was conducted successfully by our team.

Initiatives taken in 2020-21

Ever since the lockdown struck the country in March 2020, the School has been upfront in keeping pace with changing times. RMSE began teaching classes through online from May 2020. This was possible because of proper scheduling was done. Non attending students were spoken to, regular attendance was taken.

In the former the teachers prepared PowerPoint Presentations and Videos to teach the lessons in online classes. To maintain uniformity a format of presentation was developed which is being followed. A multilevel check has been in place to ensure quality of the presentation.

The teachers worked day and night to devise e-lessons on all subjects for the students so that they could make the best of the time while being at home.

Blended Learning Measures

However, there were challenges to overcome. Some students without reliable internet access and technology struggled to participate in digital learning. The effectiveness of online learning varied amongst age groups, because kids got distracted easily. In order to get full benefits of online learning, concerted effort was taken by the teachers. There was integration of games that demonstrated higher engagement and increased motivation and made children truly fall in love with learning. All the links of youtube for the lessons were clearly verified before sending through Whatsapp to children. A survey was taken by the teachers in order to know about the percentage of children attending and not attending the online classes in regular and measures were taken to assess the learning gap. Some of those measures were as follows,

 In COVID-19 lockdown situation our teachers offered their relentless work to provide online study material and telephonic doubt clearing class can't be forgotten

 Teachers spoke with parents and students to know the reason for not being a part of online class.

 Teachers sent lesson based videos, PDF files of C.W and activities and updated the child.

School App: To bring more transparency in the system and make communication easy, Complete Digitization of the school was undertaken. The school introduced fliplearn app, Rosemary Digital Learning app and Pocket study app . To keep Parents updated with the real-time track of the status of their child for Daily Attendance, Fee status, Periodic Results, School Circulars and News, etc., the aboe apps were introduced.

Art Integration :

Since the inception of the School art education has been given utmost importance. We expanded ourselves to flipped classrooms and blended teaching trying to make learning fun-filled and effective. CBSE has introduced the concept of Art integration in the National Educational Policy. In a circular by CBSE in 2020 all affiliated schools were supposed to integrate art in such a manner to make learning joyful.

Teacher Enrichment Programs :

Our dedicated teachers and staff are committed to the welfare of students of our school. The Covid -19 Pandemic has forced educators to transform their lessons to online versions in a short period. All 100% teachers were taught and equipped with the knowledge of using virtual platforms. Teachers were asked to take the mandatory training from the DIKSHA platform. They also attended knowledgeable online training programs organized by the CBSE to keep themselves updated with NEW NORMAL pedagogy of the education.

Regular staff meetings were conducted to evaluate our quality of performance and plan for the future with more innovative methods of teaching and learning programs.

Student Mentorship Programme

A program was initiated to bridge the gap between students and teachers. Students received a call from their teacher which spread positivity and strengthened the bond of the students with their teachers. Class teachers maintained a diary and noted important anecdotal child specific records. Before making a call to the student, feedback from co-teachers was also taken.

Students as well as the teachers have really enjoyed the telephonic conversation with each other. They shared their experiences of online teaching and how they missed being present in the school physically.


A detailed structure of examinations has been devised. Periodical assessments and evaluations were conducted for the students and their progress were informed to the parents frequently. Subject enrichment activities were done by the students and teachers evaluate these as the internal assessment.

Academic Activities :

Competitions and academic activities encouraged and foster a healthy and competitive spirit. The activities were conducted at classroom level and school level .Some of them were essay, speech, handwriting, slogan writing competitions.

Poetry recitation, Poster Making, Fancy dress, Story-telling, Science Experiments, Card making and elocution, G.K, Science and Maths Quiz were also conducted.

Reading Day, Green Plant Challenge, Road Safety Survival were made memorable.

Value based education and life skills training was imparted so as to make the students morally and socially learned individuals.

Celebrations :

In order to foster the values of national integration, international understanding, religions and cultural awareness and tolerance various national, religions and cultural festivals were celebrated in an online mode this year.

National Festivals: Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti were celebrated through zoom.

World Environment Day :

Nature holds the key for the aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and spiritual satisfaction. Our environment day celebrations this year was led by the respective class teachers, gave the message revealing the importance of being eco-friendly. Students exhibited eco-friendly materials and models. The Principal encouraged the students to plant trees in their homes.

Teachers' Day :

"A teacher revives the past, create the present and streamlines the future for the children".

On our teachers' day the students recollected the contributions of the teachers in shaping up their lives and thus creating the new society. With due respect, the school paid homage to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, the icon of every teacher.

Christmas celebration :

Christmas was celebrated in advance on 22nd of December with all its importance. Dance, Speech and Songs were organized for the entire day.

Other Celebrations:

Significant recognition was given by the school to different global events like Earth Day, Road Safety Day etc. Various activities and competitions were conducted by school where again the students participated enthusiastically.

Notebook checking

Earlier in the year students' notebooks were also checked. Then only the parents were expected to come and deposit the notebooks of their wards. Different classes on different dates were called for submission. Similarly, parents were communicated when these notebooks were to be returned. In both cases proper sanitization of copies was done.

Along with regular teaching, we focused on remedial teaching, extra classes, revision, tests, enrichment projects which kept our students busy throughout the year. We want to conclude with our heartfelt thanks to parents for their constant support and guidance has helped maintain high standard of education. We are thankful to the teachers and the entire staff members for their tireless efforts to make the education meaningful even in this tough time. Indeed it's very proud moment for the school to bring positivity in such pandemic situation and continue delivering the best solutions for the education to the society.

With this we conclude the annual report 2020-21 of our school.