Curriculum: A state-of-the-art system which covers all aspects of early development
  • Emphasis on key areas like senso-motor, personality, language and cognition
  • Inputs from early childhood educators, school owners, special educators, preschool teachers and Montessorians
  • Detailed timetable for activities and themes
  • Constant evolution with implementation of new practices and procedures
  • A structured environment with specially designed learning materials


    Learning Material: Moving away from conventional methods to ensure effective implementation of the curriculum
  • Scientifically designed materials with specific learning objectives
  • Materials selected through a logical process to adhere to Kreedo's philosophy
  • Learning through a process of exploration and discovery
  • More than 180 materials mapped with Kreedo's educational objectives

Child Assessment: A differentiated outlook on child assessment to perfectly complement the curriculum

  • Observation, recording and assessments to ensure that every child meets the development objectives
  • Assessment software with built-in benchmarks and other algorithms that provide insights into the child's progress, interests and strengths
  • Providing a foundation for constructive feedback for the parents on the overall development of the child