Our lab is a hub of innovation where students and researchers explore the fascinating world of composite materials.  Equipped with modern facilities and led by experienced faculty members, our lab provides students with hands-on learning experiences. From material synthesis to mechanical testing, students have the opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge in composite materials science.  Our team is made up of dedicated students and faculty members who collaborate on exciting research projects.  we invite you to explore our lab and discover the possibilities of composite materials science !


The physics lab serves as an interactive space where students engage in practical experiments to reinforce theoretical concepts learned in the classroom.  The physics lab is not just a place for conducting experiments; it's a dynamic environment where curiosity is nurtured, discoveries are made, and future physicists are inspired.  Equipped to explore the fundamental principles of physics, such as mechanics, electricity, magnetism, and optics.


Discover the wonders of chemistry at our lab! Engage with our research, experimentation, and educational initiatives. Explore our focus areas, cutting-edge facilities, diverse team, student opportunities, community involvement, and stay informed about our latest news and events.


From cellular mysteries to ecosystem dynamics, our lab is a hub of discovery and inquiry. Engage with cutting-edge research, hands-on experiments, and collaborative projects. Join our passionate team of researchers, faculty, and students as we unravel the secrets of life.


Step into our Montessori Lab, a space carefully crafted for young learners to explore and grow. Here, children dive into hands-on activities across five key areas of development. They eagerly engage with colorful, purposeful materials, honing motor skills and deepening understanding through experiential learning. In our lab, children don't just learn – they discover, create, and thrive.


A space where technology meets innovation and creativity flourishes. Our lab is equipped with state-of-the-art computers and software, providing a dynamic environment for learning and exploration.