Our Campus

Rosemary School of Excellence boasts world-class infrastructure designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience for your child. Our school environment is conducive to student comfort and fosters an atmosphere of continuous knowledge sharing and creative thinking. Across all our campuses, we offer a diverse range of facilities aimed at enhancing learning, play, and interaction.

Pre-primary Classrooms: Our pre-primary classrooms are led by a teacher and an assistant teacher, following a child-centric approach. These brightly-lit and well-ventilated classrooms exceed standard norms, with spacious 1000 square feet air-conditioned classrooms for PK and LK, and 500 square feet classrooms for UK, accommodating up to 40 students at a time. Specially designed furniture promotes good posture, comfort, and optimal learning.

Primary Classrooms: Similarly, our primary classrooms are designed with a focus on the child, featuring well-lit and ventilated spaces. Each classroom, spanning 500 square feet, can comfortably accommodate up to 40 students. Our specially designed furniture ensures ergonomic support for students' comfort and learning.

Play Area: Our pre-primary wing offers a spacious outdoor play area specifically designed to encourage children's physical activity and play.

Montessori Lab: Equipped with educational materials for motor skill development, language, math, and cognitive development, our Montessori lab complements classroom teaching and reinforces concepts taught.

Library: Our library houses a carefully curated collection of books, periodicals, and newspapers, currently numbering around 5000 volumes and growing. Teachers conduct regular storytelling sessions for younger students in our spacious reading room, which also features a reference section.

Computer Lab: Recognising the importance of information technology, our curriculum includes computer classes. Our primary wing is equipped with sufficient laptops, and our computer lab features multimedia software, providing students with opportunities to learn technology from a young age.

Sports Ground: At Rosemary School of Excellence, we believe in the importance of sports for teaching teamwork, courage, and sportsmanship. Sports are an integral and compulsory part of our curriculum, with various activities such as football, throwball, badminton, cricket, and athletics conducted regularly.

Multi-purpose Hall: Our school features an auditorium with a seating capacity of over 200 students, providing a venue for inter-house competitions and other events.

Medical Facility: Our school's health care center is a well-maintained space with beds and basic medical facilities. Informative charts and posters promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and the center is equipped to provide immediate first-aid relief when needed.