An educational edifice stands tall and strong based on the strength of its foundation. Hence a school's edifice rests on fortitude of its grass root level-'The Primary School'.

    Prime focus lies in identifying and trying to discover the innate potentialities of the child so as to have it further.

    Student Led Conference has become synonymous with Primary school wherein students joyfully and proudly showcase their learning graph of the year ... not to mention their confidence and communication skills, thus owing up their learning in the true sense of the world.

    Equal importance is given to development of sports and fitness as we at RMSE believe in 'catching them young'. 

English language Skills:

English language Skills enhancement has been the topmost priority at the primary level through a structured language development curriculum. Every week two periods are allotted for communication skills in the Primary level. The 4 key areas of LSRW are intrinsically woven into the scholastic and co-scholastic curricula.

Week Celebrations are organized to inculcate interest and to promote critical thinking amongst students for Academic and Co-curricular subjects. Special activities conducted during the week celebrations create a love for learning and enhances the CONFIDENCE level of the children.

The School conducts a plethora of competitions to bring out the hidden potential of every child.