The syllabus becomes more broad based at this level and gradually the young learner is exposed to a wide range of subjects and study material which is suitably graded in accordance with the Uniform System of Assessment as per the new CBSE guidelines. Apart from Maths, Tamil, English, Hindi, E.V.S. and Computer Science, emphasis is laid on Visual and Performing Arts, Value Education and General Knowledge. As early as Class I, students learn to work on computers in the Multimedia Lab which has been especially equipped to meet the needs of the young learners.  In order to inculcate moral values and general awareness among students, interactive sessions are held in the Life Skills classes.

The teaching of all the subjects is done using the multimedia teaching aids. This makes learning a joyful experience for students.


Child Assessment

Self-assessment is a valuable learning tool as well as part of an assessment process. Through self-assessment, students can:

  • identify their own skill gaps, where their knowledge is weak
  • see where to focus their attention in learning
  • set realistic goals
  • revise their work
  • track their own progress
  • if online, decide when to move to the next level of the course

This process helps students stay involved and motivated and encourages self-reflection and responsibility for their learning.