Annual Report 2019 - 2020

I really feel very proud & privileged to stand here on this 1st Annual day. Before I present my Annual Report for the year 2019 let me extend a warm and hearty welcome to you all.

"Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge and knowledge makes you great."

In the voyage of the discovery of excellence in the field of education, our endeavour of keeping the values - Love, peace, Truth, Non-violence and Right conduct alive in our thought word and action continues.


The Green Olympiad, by TERI in the month of August saw many achievers. Students from Classes IV-VI participated in it and Sanjay of Class V bagged a distinction in this written exam.

In order to inculcate scientific and activity based learning Science Expo and theme based project displays were conducted twice in this academic year. And there was also kindergarten Project display in the month of February.

And for the next year we have tied up with British Council to teach curriculum at global level through seven activity based learning project. So for global collaboration we have established partnership with St. Patrick School, in Ghana, South Africa.

We have tied up Kreedo program for kindergarten which exemplifies an innovative outlook for early education. And we are the only school in Tamilnadu to have introduced the Level 1 curriculum of Kreedo for the kids.

We have planned to establish Xseed program for Classes I-V for the next academic year. Xseed is a proven and research based school learning program to ensure children learn, not cram. Xseed teaching methods delivers 21st century skill. Xseed has come up with many changes because they have tie up Singapore, Finland and USA.

In addition to in house teaching and activity, educational field trips that form a part of the real life experiential learning, were organized to help the students learn the art of appreciating the nature.

The goal of visual and performing Arts is the vital expression of self.

The innovative methods used by our teachers projected the enhanced academic curriculum. "Beauty and the Beast - Our Musical Dance Drama in the month of December 2019 saw the participation of 197 students from classes Pre-KG to VI in theatrical performance established a superior connection with the roots of the English Language. So the celebration in our school are not just entertainment it's a part of Curriculum making students self-confident and self-esteem over time. It stimulate students' creativity and thought process.

So in order to stimulate self confidence in young minds KG Talent show was organized to expose the unique talents of our Pre-Primary kids.

To create an opportunity for the kids to show their gratitude and respect for older generation and to honor grandparents as well as helping children to become aware of strength, information and guidance grandparents can offer, Grandparents day was celebrated.

In order to ensure balanced growth of a child, regular interaction of the school and the parents is of utmost necessity. So, a Parent-Teacher Meeting was held on every second Saturday of the month where the parents get a feed back about their child's progress in this academic year. Parents were encouraged to attend these meetings and since these meetings played a vital role in bridging the relationship between the parents and the teachers, we even personally called parents who were unable to attend.

Sports Activities

"Existence is not merely living, but living in vigor."

Physical Education not only fulfills this adage but also instills healthy contest, array, sportsmanship and team spirit into the students mind. Our students explored plenty of opportunities to excel in sports throughout the year.

To take part is what counts in competition and lessons of victory and defeat are what we get in return. This environment was sufficiently created through inter-house and class competitions such as Oratorical, Spell-Bee, Coloring, Rangoli, Poster making, Art &Craft from waste, Chess, Carom, Table-Tennis, Shuttle, Throw ball and Volley ball.

Inter-house Athletic meet interspersed multitude of track and field event saw participation of students in March Past, Races, jumps and throws. All the students proved their mettle and brought laurels to their respective house.

KG Sports day was organized in the month of August and KG Kids displayed different races each exhibited the child's team work, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, eye hand coordination and observation skills.

Co-Curricular Activities

At RMSE, we believe that co-curricular activities greatly enrich the school experience of our students. Our students gained skills that may develop into lifelong leisure pursuits through various clubs like ECO Club, Drama and Reading Club, Gardening Club, Art & Craft Club and Maths Club. Every Saturday, the Students met to plan and execute various activities pertaining to their clubs in this academic year.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We have also provided a vast range of additional programs to support the students' academic, social, cultural and physical development. These include Silambam, karate, Music, Chess, Skating, Bharathanatiyam, Western Dance and Cricket which are conducted by expert coaches.

Training and Workshops

With the sole purpose of updating teachers' knowledge, the school hosted a Teachers' Orientation in the month of May. It was an attempt which inclusively engulfed various significant aspects like Moral values, Life Skill, aspects of spoken Language and Teaching methodology.

Apart from this our teachers attended various workshops like workshop on Montessori lab techniques through Kreedo Solutions.

And Teachers attended International School Award Action plan workshop where our teachers were topper among the top schools from various places.


To give back to the society for various noble causes, activities and support for the needy, our students consolidated to various organizations. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to the students and parents for their voluntary contribution for donating Musical Instruments to Government Music School - Tirunelveli.

Before concluding this report, I bow my head in reverence to the Almighty God for the blessings He has showered upon this institution. We express our heartfelt gratitude to all our students, parents, well-wishers and patrons of our school whose constant support and guidance has helped maintain high standard of education and discipline in our school. We take this opportunity to commit ourselves to do our best to serve this locality through quality education. Let me conclude this report with the promise of excellence, with the hope of new beginning.