Disciplinary Committee


The school Disciplinary Committee, hereafter referred to as the S.D.C. is the committee which comprises of five (5) teachers; an elected teacher who shall be the chairperson, the assistant teacher who shall be the secretary and the other three(3) S,D.C. member. The duty of the S.D.C. is to device measures that will help the students to avoid and shun any engagement whatsoever in the activities of breach of discipline. That is the S.D.C. In collaboration with the entire member of staff, and class teachers specifically, shall execute orientations and guidance programmes, at least quarterly, with the members of the students' body in order to create a common understanding with the student to help them (students) to wean themselves from any breach of discipline committed. But will not be a body whose duty will only be to execute punishment when the breach of discipline is committed. It is upon it to enhance good behaviour patterns. However, it is also incumbent upon the S.D.C. to execute disciplinary procedures on the student that may engage themselves in any kind of behaviour that is contrary to the provisions of the General Regulations of the School.


  • Strict regulatory implicit obedience, politeness and courtesy in speech and conduct, cleanliness of dress and person are expected of each student. Hence irregular attendance, habitual idleness unsatisfactory application to studies, disobedience, objectable moral influence and unsatisfactory conduct in and out of school may justify suspension of a student.
  • On school days and on all school functions, each student must wear a proper school uniform. The shirt should be tucked inside the trousers. No student may come to school without wearing a proper school uniform. If for some reason a student does not have a proper school uniform, he/she must bring a note of excuse from the parent/guardian and report at the office before reporting to class.
  • All students must take care of the school properties. 
  • Students must take care of their own belongings. If possible, they should be marked with the owners name and class. It is not advisable for students to have money or any other valuable items. The school will not be held responsible for the damage or loss of such items.
  • No cell phones are allowed.
  • Students must respect and be loyal to the school, teacher(s), students' representative councilors (SRCs) and fellow students.