Library for Children


The library provides many children with their first chance to use and enjoy a library. The school library is a welcoming place for study and reading. The school library is to support the students and teachers by providing access to current, adequate and appropriate information resources. It is also to ensure that all the students, teachers and staff are effectively using the ideas and information. The library encourages the love of reading and development of student's independent learning skills.

General Information

There are plenty of books, encyclopedias, picture books, activity books, dictionaries.  We have around 3000 books in our library for varied age groups.

  • There is seating capacity of 80 children in the library.
  • Students from 1st to 8th standard visit the library. They refer books and participate in library activities.
  • The interior of the library have been designed with a view of making it modern and student friendly.
  • The library follows an open access system. The books are classified and shelved according to the Dewey decimal classification.

Reading may well be the first discipline that a new student of a language comes into contact with. Seeing the words of a language on a paper will often be the first place people see the language, at least knowingly. It is here, in this discipline, that learners will begin to see how the language is put together to make sense. Reading is all about understanding the written word and therefore it is only natural that once you have been reading for a while you will want to progress to writing. Reading is an important skill that needs to be developed in children. Not only is it necessary for survival in the world of schools and (later on) universities, but in adult life as well. The ability to learn about new subjects and find helpful information on anything from health problems and consumer protection to more academic research into science or the arts depends on the ability to read. Reading by way of books, magazines expose kids to new vocabulary, knowledge and expands their horizon in totally.