Welcome to our school library! Dive into a world of knowledge with our vast collection of books, resources, and digital materials. From fiction to non-fiction, our library offers books for everyone. Explore, discover, and enrich your learning journey with us!

General Information

There are plenty of books, encyclopedias, picture books, activity books, dictionaries.  We have around 10,311 books in our library for varied age groups.

  • There is seating capacity of 80 children in the library.
  • Students from Grade I to XI visit the library. Children use books for various purposes, including learning, entertainment, and imagination. Whether it's for school assignments, leisure reading, or exploring new worlds, books play a vital role in shaping children's education and development.
  • The interior of the library have been designed cozy reading areas with comfortable seating, study spaces equipped with desks and designated quiet zones for focused reading.
  • The library follows an open access system. The books are classified and shelved according to the Dewey decimal classification.

Readingis a gateway to knowledge, imagination, and personal growth. It broadens our horizons, deepens our understanding of the world, and cultivates empathy by allowing us to explore different perspectives and experiences. Whether we're delving into a captivating story, absorbing factual information, or learning new skills, reading enriches our lives in countless ways. It stimulates our minds, enhances our vocabulary, and sharpens our critical thinking skills. Moreover, reading can be a source of solace, inspiration, and joy, providing us with a temporary escape from the stresses of everyday life. Whether we're flipping through the pages of a book, scrolling through an e-reader, or listening to an audiobook, the act of reading nourishes our minds and souls, making it an invaluable pursuit for lifelong learning and fulfillment.