Online Class Registration

1. All students are requested to join the online classes at the scheduled time given by the school and the same will be conveyed to your registered mobile number 30 min prior to the classes.

2. As per the time table, enter ZOOM and click in the link provided to join online class.

3. It is mandatory to mute your microphone/speaker of the smartphone or laptop so that all the participants can hear the host teacher properly.

4. It is mandatory to keep your cameras in switched on mode. Any student switching off his or her camera will be immediately denied access by the host teacher.

5. Due to any technical issues if the teacher ends the meeting before the ending time then click on the same meeting link and join the meeting.

6. No student will be sharing their screen and if found then the School Management will take immediate action against him or her.

7. No student shall share the Online Class Link and Password with any one. If found then the School Management shall take immediate action against him or her.

8. Preferably use your WIFI for better connectivity.

9. Always keep your phone fully charged before the class so that your battery doesn't get used up.

10. Restrict yourself from chatting with fellow students while the online class is going on.

11. Please ensure that the device which is used for online classes do not have any personal and important documents in it. Any loss of documents or inteligent property from the mobile, the School Management or the Faculty of the School will not be liable by any means.

12. No student will be allowed to disterb the class / fellow classmates / teacher by any manner, if he does so, he will be terminated from the class without any warning and to rejoin again for next classes parents concent is required.

The above mentioned rules are to be strictly adhered, any such violation will lead to removal of student from the classroom. Student will be allowed to attend only after due requisition from the parents.

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